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Android developer news for July 2021

With each passing month, we’re edging closer and closer to the official release of Android 12. This month we got Android 12 Beta 3 and the final APIs for developers to sink their teeth into.

But that’s not all that’s new in the world of Android development. Perhaps even more interesting is the release of the Android Game Development Kit (AGDK) and Android Game Development Extension (AGDE). Both were announced at the Google for Games Developer Summit.

Never a dull moment. And there’s more, too, so keep reading to get up to speed!

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Android 12 Beta 3 and final APIs — This new version brings a bunch of useful new features, including an enhanced auto-rotate, scrolling screenshots, and privacy indicator APIs. Moreover, it also brings the finalized Android 12 APIs and the official SDK. This means it’s go-time for developers that want to start testing and updating their apps in anticipation of Platform Stability, coming with the next Beta.

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