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Google shows iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets for Gmail

With iOS 16 launching for the iPhone today, Google is detailing upcoming Lock Screen widgets across six major apps set to arrive over the coming weeks.

The most simple Gmail Lock Screen widget shows how many “new messages” you have as either a line or within a circle. An info dense one breaks down your inbox by categories, as well as Chats, with other customization options available. 

A Google Maps Frequent Trips widget will provide “real-time traffic updates and estimated travel times to places like home and work right,” while taking into account preferred transportation method. The app’s other widgets can perform a search for nearby restaurants, shops, cafes, or hotels. 

Google Drive can highlight suggested files to open, like those that have been shared with you, while you also get single-tap access to starred files and folders. 

Next up is Google Search with access to voice search and Google Lens, as well as the latter’s translation, homework, and shop filters.

Chrome provides similar shortcuts to voice search, new or incognito tab, and even the Dino game

Lastly, Google News provides “real-time headlines with a quick glance,” with the publication noted at the top. 

Google says these Lock Screen widgets will be available “in the coming weeks.” 

In the meantime, get ready by installing your favorite Google apps on your iPhone. Once our widgets are available, just press and hold down your Lock Screen to start customizing.

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