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HyperTrack launches real-time, last-mile logistics API package

HyperTrack, which provides standard logistics application programming interfaces (APIs) for enterprise last-mile delivery and fulfillment operations, today released a new developer platform called BuilderX, which enables developers to create customized logistics technology for on-demand use cases.

The Berkeley, Calif.-based company also announced it has raised $25 million in Series A funding led by WestBridge Capital and existing investor Nexus Venture Partners to support company growth and expand global engineering teams.

Globally, analysts believe that the logistics market represents a whopping 12% of the world’s GDP. A huge trend in 2022 is the shift to on-demand fulfillment delivery logistics, with the gig workforce causing the automation technology required to skyrocket. In view of this trend, HyperTrack provides order planning, assignment, location tracking, and mapping infrastructure as simple APIs so product development teams can build functional last-mile logistics solutions in days with custom business logic and workflows. 

“Gig workers and the growing need for same-day delivery in the here-and-now economy requires re-thinking of the logistics stack,” Kashyap Deorah, founder and CEO of HyperTrack, told ZDNet. “This funding will help fuel our mission in changing the way all industries deliver products and services.” 

What BuilderX does

As the gig economy expands with increased demand for same-day deliveries, traditional logistics technologies can no longer accurately track the ground truth of order lifecycles, resulting in unsatisfied customers, inaccurate driver payments, and delayed product development roadmaps, Deorah told ZDNet. 

“HyperTrack brings to market end-to-end order fulfillment APIs, giving developers the tools they need to quickly build solutions for scheduling as well as on-demand order planning, assignment, and tracking,” Deorah said. 

BuilderX includes software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces to plan, assign, and track orders for last-mile logistics with custom business logic and workflows, Deorah said. Logistics tech builders no longer need to develop for months with a team of engineers to build out the consumer and driver apps for mobile, live location tracking, operations dashboard, and cloud infrastructure, he said.  

BuilderX enables each step of the order lifecycle, from order planning and assignment to the precise point of fulfillment. Capabilities include: 

  • Planning and assigning orders for efficient operations: Developers can build custom business logic and workflows for on-time delivery with higher capacity utilization and predictable per order cost.

  • Tracking orders for on-time fulfillment: Includes live location tracking with driver and consumer apps and an operations dashboard for continuous real-time visibility.

  • Learning and improving end-to-end order fulfillment lifecycle: Includes intelligence built on ground truth of logistics operations including addresses, service, and route times.

  • Develop and deploy end-to-end order fulfillment lifecycle solution for last mile logistics in days without a team of mobile, maps, and cloud experts

BuilderX is available starting today on the HyperTrack website.

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