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Netflix password sharing crackdown has finally reached the US

Netflix is breaking up with you. First, it asked for those unreturned DVDs back. Now it expects you to pay for your own Netflix account.

The company’s crackdown on password sharing has been ramping up across the globe for a while now, and starting today, Netflix is bringing it to the United States.

In a post on its Innovation blog, Netflix announced that it will now begin notifying subscribers who are sharing accounts between households of the need to pay up.

“A Netflix account is for use by one household,” the company states. “Everyone living in that household can use Netflix wherever they are — at home, on the go, on holiday — and take advantage of new features like Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices.”

Transfer Profile is the Netflix solution for account sharers who need to boot off any freeloaders without leaving them stranded. Manage Access and Devices is the tool to use if you’re unsure if your old roommate is still messing up your view history.

The move comes as Netflix faces pressure to compete with other streamers, including Max and Amazon. The company intends to convert more of its “viewers” into “customers” as it chases revenue outside of finding more people to watch.

For multihousehold families, Netflix encourages subscribers to add an extra member for an additional $7.99/month. Netflix has also made its service more consumer-friendly with its new ad-supported plan that undercuts the cost of its ad-free plans.

For affected customers in the US, expect to see an email from Netflix about “sharing between households” starting today.

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