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Spacetop AR laptop boasts a proprietary spatial environment

Work in an entirely new way with the Sightful Spacetop AR laptop. This augmented reality computer offers customized hardware and a proprietary spatial environment.
– It removes the physical constraints of standard laptops.
– Design and customize it yourself to express your creativity.
– Made for those who work from anywhere, it transforms the world around you into a portable home office!
– It produces a more than 100” virtual canvas in an organized presentation so you can get your best work done.
– Keep your primary applications visible and accessible when you need them—not cluttered amongst 100s of tabs.
– It operates seamlessly and intuitively as a laptop with no complicated gesture controls to learn and no external hardware or software awkwardly integrated with non-AR devices.
– You’ll get access to a multi-monitor setup as large as your work requires, wherever you go.
– The Canvas work environment keeps your work and information invisible to those who are not using the device.

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