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teenage engineering studio-quality micrphone

Enhance your professional recordings on the go with the teenage engineering CM-15 studio-quality microphone. It boasts a large diaphragm capsule—an industry favorite that’s rarely found in a portable design. This music gadget combines both!

-Boasts an ESS sabre analog-to-digital converter, keeping high-fidelity sound and capturing incredible detail during any recording

-Has a unique sound quality that’s rich, transparent, and natural. With it, you can expect crystal clear, clean audio.

-Works inside and outside the studio for versatility.

-Offers simultaneous output use. The outputs include: a mini XLR, a 3.5 mm jack, and a USB-C.

-Powers in 3 ways: phantom power, battery, or USB-C. The gadget instantly detects the right power source for your connected device.

Moreover, this portable mic is part of teenage engineering’s ultra-portable sound recording system, the field system. Combined, they take on-the-go recording to a whole new level!

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