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This dual-degree cooling wearable balances firmness and cushioning

Avoid heat and exhaustion with the Degreve Thermonecks dual-degree cooling wearable. Designed with your comfort in mind, it offers both a firm and cushioned feel—giving you long-lasting comfort.

– Though it’s just a single device, it offers 7 comprehensive benefits that address crucial aspects of your health and wellbeing.
– Helping you avoid heat and exhaustion, it assists your recovery and cool-down.
– It solves various problems through midrange cooling temperatures ideal for your body and skin.
– With dual temperatures of 20º C and 14º C, it allows for peak cooling diffusion throughout the blood stream, starting from the neck, without any cold pain.
– It focuses on relieving the symptoms of insomnia, neck pain and tension, stress, and overheating.
– Additionally, it enhances focus, endurance, and overall body condition.

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