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‘Vivid’ HDR app updated with ‘Eclipse Mode’ and iOS web browser

Vivid is a macOS app introduced earlier this year that brings the HDR experience systemwide, so users can take advantage of the high level of brightness of the MacBook Pro’s built-in display and Apple’s Pro Display XDR at any time. This week, the app was updated with a new “Eclipse Mode,” while the developers also released a new web browser for iOS.

Both the 2021 MacBook Pro and the Pro Display XDR can reach up to 1,600 nits of brightness. However, this is limited to when the user is watching HDR content, while other parts of the system can only take the brightness up to 500 nits.

When Vivid was created, it overlaid an invisible HDR window to unlock higher brightness levels. With the new Vivid 2, the app has been completely rewritten to make this experience even smoother, as the original method could conflict with certain video players. Even so, the app is still entirely based on Apple APIs and doesn’t use any hacks or system modifications that require root-level access.

But the update also comes with a new feature called “Eclipse Mode.” While Vivid was created to unlock the brightness potential of Apple’s displays, it now lets users make the display “darker than the normal minimum.” According to the developers, Vivid 2 also uses less CPU when it’s running.

Over the last seven months we’ve listened closely to our user’s feedback and focused on improving the compatibility across the board. Vivid 2.0 is completely rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on performance, battery use, compatibility and system integration.

Vivid brings HDR web browsing to iOS

But that’s not all. Vivid now has an iOS app as well. But since Apple’s mobile operating system wouldn’t allow an app like Vivid to run on the system, the developers have created a web browser that can also force the iPhone screen to its maximum brightness level.

Vivid 2 is now available on the Mac App Store. Users can try it out for free, while a full license of the app costs $22.99. As for the new Vivid Browser for iOS, it’s now available for free on the App Store.

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