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Wirelessly charge your iPad Pro

As an iPad Pro enthusiast, I have always dreamed of a scenario where I can magnetically throw my iPad on a stand and have it just begin wirelessly charging, just as MagSafe does for iOS devices. The M2 iPad Pro was rumored to bring some version of Apple’s MagSafe tech, but it never did…

Pitaka’s Pita!flow ecosystem

Pitaka has always been at the forefront of unique and useful iPad Pro accessories. They are my go-to when it comes to ultraslim protection that supplements Apple’s accessories, like the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. Their Pita!flow ecosystem allows you to use their ultraslim magnetic case to not only add some much need side rail protection to your iPad Pro but allows you to keep it on and move it from accessory to accessory. You can go from their iPad stand to their folio case right into the Magic Keyboard, all while keeping the iPad protected and having the three-pin passthrough and not losing any connection points to the magic keyboard. Once they established this accessory ecosystem and saw they it worked, they got feedback from their customers, hoping for a solution to add wireless charging to the iPad stand and their slim case.

Pitaka’s Pita!flow

Pitaka’s MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro

In 2021, Pitaka introduced the MagEZ Case for iPad Pro. It was an extremely thin case made of aramid fiber that added rail protection to your iPad, covered 90% of the rear side of the iPad, still allowed the Apple Pencil to charge magnetically, and included a three-pin passthrough so that the case still worked with the magic keyboard.

Then they decided to include their own version of “wireless” charging to the iPad Pro. They added an additional nine-pin connector to the center of the MagEZ Case in an X formation. They also added an L-shaped USB-C plug that fits precisely into the USB-C port on the bottom of the iPad Pro. Everything remained extremely slim, sitting at 1.4mm thin, still providing that same rail protection for when the iPad is in the magic keyboard and still allowing for use of the Magic Keyboard with the three-pin connector passthrough.

MagEZ video

Pitaka’s MagEZ Pro Case also includes their Pitaflow charging puck in the box, so you can immediately experience what it is like to wirelessly be able to charge your iPad Pro. Some additional specs:

  • Fully compatible with Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Fast and stable wireless charging with Pitaka charging stand and PitaFlow puck
  • Provides 20W of wireless charging power to the iPad
  • Ultraslim and lightweight
  • Easily attach and charge your Apple Pencil
  • Smooth-textured surface for a comfortable grip

MagEZ stand for tablets

Additionally, Pitaka released a MagEZ wireless charging stand to go along with the Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro. This stand allows you to magnetically attach your iPad and wirelessly charge it as well. It provides some great viewing angles, moving from 32° down to -5° if needed. They also included a Qi wireless charger at the base of the stand to charge any of your Qi-enabled devices, like an iPhone, AirPods, or anything that can be wirelessly charged. Lastly, it gives you the ability to rotate the iPad a full 360° and has locks at every 90° turn, which I thought was a great touch.

Some specs to consider:

  • Designed ergonomically for eye level
  • MagEZ charging stand – charges iPad up to 20W
  • +32.5°/-5° adjustable vertical angle
  • Supports landscape and portrait mode
  • Qi wireless charging base – charges up to 15W
  • 45W charging brick recommended

Things to consider

Even though this is a great accessory to the iPad Pro and the concept of wirelessly charging an iPad is amazing, it might not be for everyone. For instance, if you are someone that is constantly using USB-C hubs or external drives where you need access to that USB-C port, then this could be an issue. Yes, you can remove the USB-C flap, but it’s a tad bit rigid and doesn’t seem like it’s meant to be removed and placed back in over and over and over again. If it’s a few times, then it should be fine, but just be aware that this is mostly meant to remain plugged in. But if you are someone that really only uses that port to charge, then you will be more than happy with it. Also, if you own a magic keyboard, the three-pin connector passthrough still allows you to use that secondary USB-C port on the magic keyboard to charge the iPad with the MagEZ Case on.

External drive plugged into the MagEZ Case

Final thoughts

All in all, I think this is a unique accessory that, for the right person, could be great for a desk setup. Maybe you use your iPad as a secondary display or like to use Universal Control on the iPad when it’s flanking your desktop or laptop – this would be great for you. Also, not having to worry about plugging in your iPad and having a full charge every time is something I did not know I would enjoy as much as I do. They also make this case for the iPad Mini, which works with the same stand and is compatible with the iPad Air and any iPad Pro from 2018 and newer.

Pricing and availability

The MagEZ Case Pro starts at $79.99 for the iPad Mini version and $89.99 for the iPad Air & iPad Pro versions and comes with the charging puck but no power brick. The MagEZ stand is available in two colorways, marble white and black twill, and those start at $129.00.

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